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Welcome to P H Teknow Pvt. Ltd.,

What would the IDEAL IT provider be like?

If it’s providing to an organization, the answer is clear: don’t just provide hardware/software

– Offer IT solutions that encompass a holistic picture of the entire organization, its needs, its existing infrastructure;

– Give each user of the IT product an opportunity to translate/exploit the organization’s competitive edge into jaw-dropping work that makes the winning difference;

– Train the client’s personnel in the operation of the IT product to the point where they almost become experts themselves, rarely needing further support;

– Nevertheless, offer unstinted support and maintenance that is crucial in minimizing downtime.

At P.H. TEKNOW Pvt. Ltd.we’re committed to be your IDEAL IT provider. Over 20 years in the business enables us to bring the perfect IT solution to each of your most up-to-date hardware/software needs. Browse around and see for yourself.

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Our services include providing integrated business solutions to help our clients address a wide range of business issues. These include but are not restricted to: financial control, sales force productivity, effective marketing, customer service, information management and operational efficiency.

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Unstinted Support and Maintenance

Our smart IT solutions will enable you to leverage your competitive edge over your peers in a way that can make the winning difference. Toward this effort, we even train our clients’ personnel, offering our unstinted support and maintenance thereby minimizing downtime.

What Our Clients Are Saying

v-l-mehta-mukand-groupThe strong sense of commitment to customers run through the entire organization, from top to bottom as demonstrated time & again by their dedicated team.

- V. L. Mehta, Chief of IT Mukand Group

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